Fire Safe Shield Mission Statement

The goal of Fire Safe Shield is to create a customized guide to aid firefighters in mitigating an incident and enhance firefighter safety. The guide is designed to save time by providing information such as floor plans, fire protection features, and building utility locations. The information provided will speed mitigation efforts while reducing the potential for firefighter and/or civilian injury or death and aid in property conservation. Designed by firefighters for firefighters, kept in the lock box at it's location, making us first on the scene in printed and internet accessible formats to assist us in reaching our goal.


The Fire Safe Shield System is dedicated to those firefighters who have been needlessly injured or lost their lives in the line of duty. As a student attending a Firefighter I lecture, I remember the instructor reminiscing about an incident he was at years ago. Five firefighters lost their lives during a fire and subsequent truss roof collapse at a car dealership. Lives may have been saved if the firefighters could have been located in a timely manner. This system utilizing interior reference point indicators and facility preplan information was created in hope that the occurrence of tragedies such as this one may be avoided or significantly reduced in the future.