Fire Safe Shield Life Safety Markers™

The Fire Safe Shield System is dedicated to those firefighters who have been needlessly injured or lost their lives in the line of duty.  As a student attending a Firefighter 1 lecture, I remember the instructor reminiscing about a tragedy he witnessed about 20 years ago:  Five firefighters lost their lives at a car dealership battling a fire that caused the roof to collapse.  Lives may have been saved if these firefighters could have been located in a timely manner.  Utilizing interior reference point indicators and facility preplan information, the Fire Safe Shield System was created to prevent, avoid, or significantly reduce such disasters in the future.

The below illustration is an actual facility combined of four buildings interconnected entirely below grade and part of a 13-building complex.

These life safety markers are usually installed in windowless basements below stories.

There is a second facility guide in the lock box for use by the Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC). They can use it to follow the progress of the entry team(s). The Life Safety Markers will enable the RIC to locate a downed firefighter and perform a rescue quickly, efficiently, and avoid hazards. This guide may help save firefighter lives when seconds count.