Getting Started

Contact Fire Safe Shield to arrange for a site visit. During the site visit, facility representatives will need to make available facility specific information which will be developed into a guide suitable for use as an emergency action guide for the staff and local fire department. Examples of information that will need to be provided may include, but are not limited to floor plans, blue prints, fire protection equipment, building services, utilities, and hazardous materials. Walk-throughs and photographs will be taken as necessary to insure the accuracy of material being developed.

The purpose of the guide is to provide an accurate description of the current existing layout and conditions of a facility. Reviews of the guide by both facility representatives and the local fire department will need to be made throughout its development to insure its accuracy. When finally approved, a copy of the guide will be given to both the facility and the local fire department for their ongoing use. Additional copies will need to be locked in secure repositories strategically located for fire department use at the facility. As a client of Fire Safe Shield, the facility will be given internet access through a secure website enabling them to review their information. The local fire department will be provided access to the website to review the guides for facilities within their jurisdiction. To insure the ongoing accuracy of facility specific guide, it will be necessary for facility representatives and the local fire department to review, update as necessary, and approve this information annually.

An additional feature included in the guide are strategically placed location markers. These markers will act as reference points to assist facility staff and firefighters during emergency situations. A separate guide will be prepared providing specific information for the local fire department's Rapid Intervention Company/Crew (RIC) to assist them in their operations during an emergency at a facility.