What is the Fire Safe Shield System?

The Fire Safe Shield System is a compilation of facility specific information which will enable firefighters to perform their mission of saving lives and minimizing property damage loss in an efficient and timely manner. Fire Safe Shield provides a detailed description of fire protection systems, building systems and services, and schematic drawings of the facility. It is a tool fire departments can use for preplanning or during incident operations.

The fire protection systems that are identified may include the following:

  • Fire alarm and detection systems
  • Fire sprinkler and standpipe systems
  • Commercial kitchen suppression and exhaust systems
  • Smoke control systems
  • Fire department emergency access key vaults

Building systems and services that may be identified are listed below:

  • Heating and HVAC systems
  • Potable water supply
  • Electrical services
  • Elevators
  • Emergency power systems
  • Utility main disconnects

Site sketches and building drawings delineate the locations of the fire protection systems and building services. Illustrations may include the following:

  • Site elevation views
  • Exterior building views
  • Interior floor layouts
  • Roof access
  • Building cross sections

The Fire Safe Shield System is designed to not only enhance fire service operations, but to provide an additional level of protection for firefighters. Facilities possessing special hazards to firefighters are identified.

These special hazards may include the following:

  • Industrial operations
  • Confined spaces
  • Hazardous materials
  • Trap doors and shaft ways
  • Building construction

Lastly, a unique life safety marker system has been developed. Its purpose is to provide an identification reference point in areas where a firefighter may be unsure of their location, become disorientated, separated from their partner, entrapped, or injured. The incident commander will be able to provide the Rapid Intervention Company/Crew (RIC) with time and lifesaving information to perform a rescue.

When Does Fire Safe Shield Become Certified?
In order for Fire Safe Shield system to be certified, it must have had to been completed to the satisfaction of the facility management team/owner, the local fire inspector and local fire department. It then has to be signed by all of the above, including a Fire Safe Shield representative. The guide book is then secured in a locked box with fire department access where it becomes first on the scene in the event of an emergency.

Fire Safe Shield LOGIN
Fire Safe Shield is a secure website that can be accessed through the internet by participating fire departments and clients at any time. The primary function is to provide facility specific information for fire service training, preplanning, and incident response. We believe that in the future other facilities and fire departments will see the merits and become involved in this program as a means to minimize potential risk and liability to themselves.